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The Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to have an active Policy & Advocacy Committee.

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The Policy & Advocacy committee was established to monitor, address and respond to issues of significance to Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce members and/or the local business community.

Tasks / Goals include:

·        Regularly monitoring local media for relevant issues
·        Communicating with PH&DCC Board and members to determine issues that are affecting their business
·        Researching issues
·        Collaborating with other local groups or agencies that are affected by the same issues
·        Communicating the PH&DCC’s position and relevant research to members, the media
        and government as appropriate

·        Preparing delegations for Municipal Council as required
·        Responding to queries from PH&DCC members and other local businesses or
        agencies about Advocacy issues





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  Articles & Reports from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce that are of interest to our members:

Emerging Stronger 2015: Ontario's Path from Recovery to Growth

We’re pleased to present the fourth edition of our Emerging Stronger economic agenda for Ontario. 

Developed in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Emerging Stronger 2015 identifies immediate actions that government and business can take to ensure that Ontario remains the best place in the world to live, invest, and build a business.

To learn more about our five priority areas and the recommendations that support them, read Emerging Stronger 2015